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Pronunciation is key

Tuesday, 27 Jun, 2017

That Danish name for my new venture that I mentioned in a previous post? Well, it turns out I have been saying it correctly – phew! Yesterday, on our third day exploring Copenhagen, we asked a couple of locals to pronounce it for us. Then we decided to film them saying it, because what better way to educate Aussies on the correct pronunciation? I stopped a few more people on the footpaths of Fredriksberg today, and of course they obliged in the typical relaxed and kind Danish manner.

So, why go to all this effort and why even have a name that won’t be obvious to pronounce in the first place?

Well, I haven’t given a lot away as yet… but this new venture is in fashion. And so I quite like the idea that there’s an element of intrigue about the pronunciation, like many luxury and well-known brands … for example is Moet pronounced ‘Mo-e’ or ‘Mo-ette’? Does ‘Nike’ rhyme with ‘bike’, or is it ‘Ni-key’? Is it ‘Mer-see-dees’, or ‘Mer-say-dees’? How do you pronounce Bvlgari, Hermés, or Miu Miu? Sure, not every great brand is tricky to pronounce. Some are as simple as the designer’s name, like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, or Tom Ford. But naming a brand after myself isn’t really who I am – I don’t feel a need for people to be walking around wearing a ‘Zan Wilson’ – and admittedly, it doesn’t quite have the same romance to it as, say, ‘Christian Dior’.

My vision is more about inspiring and empowering those who choose to wear my brand, and so I wanted a name which would reflect this.

Well, what is it, you ask?? I’m not quite ready to reveal that just yet… but please stay tuned, as I look forward to sharing it with you in the near future. Just taking one step at a time…!

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